Propeller Repair and Alteration

It is very important to have your propeller repaired if there is damage to it. Usually if the edges are missing pieces, curled edges or even slight damage your prop could be out of track. Causing vibration, cavitation or can even damage your lower unit if ran to long. Rake, pitch and sweep of all blades must be tru to each other. Also, your propeller may not show visible signs of damage but could have vibration issues because it is out of balance. 

As an example: imagine your car with a flat tire or damaged rim. Your performance & gas consumption go out the door. Not to mention it will cause further damage.

Below are prices to give you an idea of a range of what we charge for repairs:

PLEASE NOTE: When repairing a propeller, we go completely through it to repair it. Pitch, rake and sweep are checked along with checking balance.  If a prop needs welding we do that also. A true thorough repair job is performed on your propeller to insure the best performance for your boat.   

Aluminum Boat Propeller Repair: $40.00 - $60.00

Stainless Steel Boat Propeller Repair: $100.00 & up

Brass/Nibral Boat Propeller Repair: $100.00 & up

*Satin finish is standard (no extra charge) on stainless steel/brass/nibral propellers unless you want a high buff mirror finish for that shiny showroom look.

*$30.00-50.00  Extra charge for a high buff mirror finish on your stainless steel/brass/nibral propeller. (If your propeller already has a high buff finish and you want this touched up after the repair it will cost around $30.00. If your propeller does not have the high buff finish and you would like to have this done it will cost around $50.00 because of the different steps that need to be done to achieve that mirror shine.)  

* These prices are not set and are adjusted depending on the amount of damage to your prop. We have always felt that this was the fairest way for our customers to receive the services they need with out being over charged. Each damaged propeller is looked at and it is then determined what amount of time it will take to repair and supplies needed.

* Please use caution when deciding to send an aluminum propeller for repair. Here are some key things to take in consideration. It may not be cost effective for you to send it if any of the following are visible:

* Turn around time for a repair is about one week or less. (This is subject to change if we get very busy. Though, we strive to keep it at one week.)